Moisture Boost Body Moisturiser


Moisture Boost Body Treatment is a daily moisturiser designed to condition and smooth your skin whilst prolonging your tan.

Moisture Boost Body Treatment combines organic ingredients such as Shea butter, Bladderwrack and Ginkgo Biloba to intensely hydrate and repair skin and prolong a tan.

Certified organic and natural extracts for anti ageing and skin enhancementMoisture Locking System for 72 hour skin hydration Tan enhancing elements to extend your tan result

Organic extracts that soothe and nourish skin Moisture Locking System for 72 hour skin hydration

Shea Butter – highly moisturising with exceptional skin healing properties

Bladderwrack – detoxifies and alleviates dry irritated skinGinkgo

Biloba – anti-oxidant that stimulates and firms for younger looking skin

How To Use

Massage moisturiser into dry skin until fully absorbed. Apply daily to keep skin hydrated and prolong a tan.

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