Photo Dynamic LED Light Therapy

Photo Dynamic LED Light Therapy ~

A revolutionary non-invasive treatment based on skin stimulation, rejuvenation and repair.

A combination of our Photo-Dynamic mask and light activated skin technology. 
Until now our medical grade system has only been offered by doctors and dermatologists.
Treating anti-ageing & rejuvenation , pigmentation, sensitivity & rosacea and acne.

Advanced Photo Therapy £75

This 60 minute treatment includes the 4 stages of the photodynamic treatment. Starting with a peel to remove the upper layers of skin, application of the light activated concentrates, the led light mask that help the concentrates to absorb to the depth of skin that it is needed. Finishing with the home care serum that can be used between treatments to boost its effects.

Red Carpet Photo Dynamic Led Light Therapy £125

This 80 minute treatment treats the skin from the inside and the outside as well as the 4 stages of the photodynamic treatment after the LED light mask has been removed a mask suiting your concerns will be applied. The LED mask and concentrates treat the skin from the inside out and the final mask treats the skin from the outside in giving you exceptional results. 

Photo Dynamic Booster Facial £57

When you book a course of treatments you may want to add a booster treatment to accelerate your results. This 45 minute treatment means that you will be receiving the concentrates and LED light mask twice a week,

Have You Ever Had A Course Of Facials Before?

Having a course of facials will give you the best results possible. Although you will see a difference in your skin having a treatment every 4 weeks having a treatment every week for 4 weeks will accelerate your results.

You don’t need to keep having courses of facials, we always recommend to have a course of 4 facials when you start and then you can go on to monthly maintenance. You may decide later down the line in 6-12 months you will want another course but it could be to treat something different.
The reason we recommend having a facial once a week for 4 weeks is because the Katherine Daniels facial treatments can last in the skin for up 10 days. If you are having a treatment every 7 you are constantly building on the previous weeks facial. When completing the recommended home care at home along side your salon facials you will be giving yourself the chance of having the best results possible.
The best starting point is to book one of our Skin consultations and mini facial. This will give us a chance to have a chat with you find out exactly what your concerns are, what your using and doing with your skin at the moment and also take a look at your skin ourselves.
We will then be able to recommend you a treatment plan to work towards treating the concerns that you have.
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