Laser Hair Removal ~

Benefits of laser hair removal:

~ No more need to shave or wax
~ Efficient & Painless
~ Saves you time & money
~ No moe plucked chicken look or ingrown hairs
~ No more shaving rash or cuts.

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Laser Hair Removal Price List

All prices bellow are pay as you go, book a course of 6 and receive a 20% discount.
Course payments must be made in full on or before the 2nd treatment to qualify for the discount.




Side Of Face…£60

Under Arm…£65





Lower Back…£65

Full Arm…£80

Half Arm…£65

Extended Bikini…£75



Half Leg…£90


Full Leg…£150


 Stomach Center Line…£45


Does it hurt?

No. You should not feel any pain during your treatment. You will feel some ‘pricking’ sensations and the intensity of this can vary but should not be painful.

Can you shave/wax between sessions?

Yes you can shave between your appointments but you can not wax. You can not wax between appointments because the hair needs to remain in the follicle for the laser to ‘Zap’ it.

Can you treat more than 1 area in 1 appointment?

Yes, we can certainly treat multiple areas in 1 appointment. Some areas will have different lengths of time between treatments but we can group them together where possible.

Can I have my treatment if I have a tan?

Natural tan, yes but UV sun exposure needs to be avoided for 4 weeks prior and 2 weeks after your treatment.

Fake tan, no. This needs to be removed 2 weeks prior to your treatment and not reapplied for 7 days after.

Do you treat men?


Will it work if I have PCOS?

Yes, contact the Salon for more information regarding laser hair removal and PCOS.

How many sessions do you need?

We recommend a course of 6 session to achieve the best results.

Will I be completely hair free?

Laser can not guarantee 100% hair removal. Results vary but after 6 sessions you can be up to 85% hair free.

How do I get started?

We will need you to come in for a full consultation and patch test so we can asses the area you would like to have treated. Once we have completed your patch test we can book your first treatment read to start your course.

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