Hot Stone Massage Treatments

 Hot Stone Body Massage Treatment ~ **Brand NEW For Oct 21**

Hot stone body massage is a warming and relaxing treatment for your full body. Massaging the body with stones along with stone placement throughout the treatment to really help you and your muscles deeply relax. We start our treatments off with a full body brush helping to stimukate the lymphatic system and encourage the elimination of toxins, we then place stones and crystals along your back while we massage both legs, once we have then massage your back you will then be turned over the hot stones and crystals are then placed along the front of your body while we massage your legs and leave cosy stones tucked in your toes followed by your arms and shoulder. Book in for the ultimate treatment and along with spending longer massage each area we will then finish with a scalp massage.

***During October book in either hot stone massage treatments with our free mini facial***

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