Eyelash Extensions ~

Eyelash extensions are either a single of fan of lashes applied directly to your individual natural lash. During your full set we will apply lashes to each of your natural lashes individually this process can take between 90-120 minutes depending on the technique you opt for.

Once you have your beautiful new set of lashes you will need to visit the salon every 2-3 weeks for maintenance. During this treatment we will carefully remove and outgrown lashes that may be dropping down or twisted. We will then reapply lashes to all new lashes and make them all full and fluffy again.

We do ask that you clean your lashes on a regular basis, this stops the lashes from building up oil on the lashes which will affect the retention. We require you to have a removal and full set of lashes every 3-4 months. This ensures we are keeping your lashes healthy

You will need a patch test if you haven’t had this treatment before with us in the salon or you haven’t been in for this treatment for the last 12 weeks. Patch test needs to be on for 48 hours prior to your appointment as it can take more than 24 hours for some to have a reaction.Book Your Patch Test Online Here

Individual Eyelash Extensions Full Set £60. Book Here

Individual false lashes are placed onto each individually isolated natural lashes. This treatment is great for someone who has a lot of lashes and wants to be able to get up and go in the morning and not worry about wearing mascara. There is a choice of length and curl to suit the look you want to achieve and will be discussed in your consultation.

Hybrid Eyelash Extensions £70 Book Here

Hybrid eyelash extensions are a mix between classic and volume eyelashes, We still apply lashes to every lash but instead of all individual eyelashes or fans of lashes there is a mixture of both. This is great if you want a fuller look than the classic but still natural looking.

Volume Eyelash Extensions Full Set £80 Book Here

Volume eyelash extensions are handmade fans. Each handmade fan is attached to each individually isolated natural lash. This is a full and fluffy look for your lashes. There is a choice of thickness, length and curl to suit the look you want to achieve and will be discussed in your consultation.

Wispy Eyelash Extensions £80 Book Here

Wispy lashes are a newer style of lash to give you a fluffier look with extra spikes to break the harsh line volume lash treatments can create. Once the talker spikier lashes have been applied the rest of the lashes are filled with volume lash fans to finish the look.

Eyelash Extension After Care ~

~ Keep your new lashes completely dry for the first 48 hours. This includes coming into contact with heat and steam. If you do allow your lashes to come into contact with water, heat or steam you will find your lashes won’t last as long.

~ We require you to brush your lashes every morning and evening. You will lose lashes as your natural lashes shed. You can lose on average up to 5 lashes a day and this is why we aim to cover all lashes with a full set and why it is vital to come in for maintenance regularly.

Clean your lashes daily if wearing heavy makeup or every other day if you are not wearing makeup. This helps to keep the natural oils off of your lashes which helps with retention.

Avoid oil based products at all costs. Oil will break down the bonds in the glue which will mean your lash extension will fall off the natural lash.

If you are unable to attend your lash maintenance appointment and it has been 4 weeks since your last appointment you will need a full set. As well as the natural shedding of your lashes the glue we use gives an average hold of 4 weeks so although you may have a lot of lashes still left on at this time it’s likely they will start to fall off soon after.

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