Facials & Skin Treatments ~

Relax & Refresh Facial ~

This relaxation facial covers all of your skins needs leaving it refreshed and revitalised.

We customise this treatment using our Katherine Daniels Bespoke products whilst you pause, relax and recharge.

Choose from our 40 minutes , 60 minute and 80 minute option.

All treatments include cleansing, exfoliation, massage, mask and finishing creams.Upgrade your mask to our collagen mask for an added rejuvenating benefit

Relax & Refresh 40 £40
Relax & Refresh 60 £53
Relax & Refresh 80 £66

Relax & Refresh 60 With Collagen Mask £73
Relax & Refresh 80 With Collagen Mask £86

Specialist Skin Treatments ~

This Specialist skin treatment is a tailored made to target your skin concerns.

After your consultation we will personalise a prescriptive facial to suit you. We will choose from a combination of products including an enzyme peel off mask, resurfacing peel, Collagen mask, rejuvenating massage gel, LED Light mask and peel off & glow mask.

Choose from our 40 minute, 60minute and 80minute options

Specialist Skin Treatment 40 £73
Specialist Skin Treatment 60 £88
Specialist Skin Treatment 80 £117

Azalea Beauty Salon | 23 Market Square Sandy, SG19 1JA | Info@azaleabeautysalon.co.uk | 01767 691467

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