Brows By Mii ~

This full treatment is the perfect start to your brow journey we will spend the time measuring out the brows and showing you the end result we are working towards before we make any changes we can discuss areas we need to grow back in to give you the brows you have wanted.

Once you have completed the full Define Mii Treatment you can then move on to the Maintain Mii treatment which will include the tint and wax and the brow products to finish the look.

This treatment is a tint and wax combined in one treatment.

Have your brows shaped with one of our trained therapist using our Mii sculpting wax to remove all stray hairs around your brows.

Using our Brows by Mii tints we can custom mix your brow tint to suit your needs. With a stronger tint than many other brands it can leave colour behind on the skin to give you a fuller looking brow.

You will need a patch test if you haven’t had this treatment before with us in the salon or you haven’t been in for this treatment within the last 12 weeks. Your patch test needs to be on for 48 hours prior to your appointment.

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