Body Massage ~

Massage is a great treatment for relaxation, treating muscle tension, improving circulations and well being.
At Azalea Beauty Salon you can look forward to a comfy couch with fluffy towels in a climate controlled room for maximum comfort.
If you are feeling a bit chilly or want to feel extra cozy then the heated blanket will be perfect for you.
All Massages can be customised to your needs and this will be discussed with you during your consultation.

All body massages have the option to add on hot stones and or a back or full body exfoliation.

Focusing on the the neck shoulder and scalp this massage is great if you suffer with a sore neck or headaches.

Focusing on your back we can target tension areas in the shoulders and the lower back relieving uncomfortable back pain.

During your 40 Min massage we would normally concentrate on up to 2 areas of the body for example

~ Back, Neck, Shoulder & Scalp
~ Back & Back Of Legs

During your 60 Min massage we would cover your full body. This can still be tailored to your needs we can spend longer on areas of concern and even avoid areas if needed.

Our ultimate full body massage gives us time to really spend a good amount of time on all areas of the body including scalp. We can still customise this treatment by spending additional time on areas that need it.

Azalea Beauty Salon | 23 Market Square Sandy, SG19 1JA | Info@azaleabeautysalon.co.uk | 01767 691467

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